Attempted Portraiture

This morning shone with a beautiful quality of light so I chased after the pups to get some group portraits. This was folly.

Firstly, this was before the woman was fully ambulatory so I was without a wrangler. Secondly, this was the pup’s first trip outside for the day, a time filled with possibility. There could be deer! Failing that, there are always those tasty morsels that deer leave! And birds! And… wind! Perhaps the old man across the street will dare to venture forth from his home!

Needless to say, trying to get them all to do something together is a practice in patience. 

Walter, the Landseer Newfoundland to the left, has a pretty horrible knee and so sitting is something that requires some planning. At times it can take him a full minute to arrange various appendages into the sitting pose. And once that is done there is no guaranteeing his orientation to the world. There is equal probability that he will be facing the wall.

So the first setup looked grand. They were aligned, Walt was sitting, dribbling the perfect length of slobber. There really is no point in taking a photo of a Newfy in the sunlight if you can’t get the crystaline glint of the sun in leaf-studded slobber.

And then Dahlia had enough of waiting and came to see what I was doing.


Alright, reset. Everyone almost in a good alignment and, in my hurry, the focus is missed.


Try again. There goes Gus. Even Dahlia is annoyed.


Reset. And… Gus again.

And after he moved Dahlia was certain that there was something afoot on the North side of the barn and was off.


And this is why people use Photoshop.

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