The Geauga County Maple Festival


Every year I try to take the Saturday morning of the Geauga County Maple Festival and walk around before everyone gets going.



It is an odd place. The rides are the typical duct-taped together fare, the food a showcase of diabetes, the grounds wrecked by the weather and foot traffic.


But a note about that. The Maple Festival used to be the first festival of the year in the area and that put it somewhere near the end of March. This being Chardon, about half of the time it snowed and some of that half, it snowed prodigious amounts.

maple-pretty-20140426-0801It was lovely. You see, a couple things define this area. Maple syrup being one. That comes out in the freeze/thaw nights and days right around March. The other thing is snow.


I mean, come on. The town website even has a page that is closely updated with monthly snow totals going back to 1952. If you do something like that you should celebrate it. Even if it means the Maple Festival queen has to dress in a park on the back of a tracked vehicle to get through the parade route. Trust me, I’ve lived in this area my whole life. People will still line the streets.


Anyway, this year was a nice stroll around. The light nice, the environs friendly. I love living here.



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