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Attempted Portraiture

This morning shone with a beautiful quality of light so I chased after the pups to get some group portraits. This was folly.

Firstly, this was before the woman was fully ambulatory so I was without a wrangler. Secondly, this was the pup’s first trip outside for the day, a time filled with possibility. There could be deer! Failing that, there are always those tasty morsels that deer leave! And birds! And… wind! Perhaps the old man across the street will dare to venture forth from his home!

Needless to say, trying to get them all to do something together is a practice in patience.  Continue reading Attempted Portraiture

The Walk, Revisited


Today was yet another day when the forecast called for light snow. They were correct. Then they said it would be tapering by noon. On that they were wrong. It really was a light snow but through its persistence it did accomplish raising the ground level another couple inches. I had almost convinced myself to just do the day’s cardio on the elliptical when sanity finally struck and I went for a walk around the yard.


Now, I don’t know why I don’t do this walk whenever I have the chance. It really was perfect walking weather with the temperatures in the low 20s and no wind. And unlike the last time I took this walk (well, with photos) I had assistants for the first section.


We did a loop around the far field and down into the woods. About half-way down it became apparent that Walt was going to have to have a shorter walk than I had planned. The snow was up over his belly and as his rear legs aren’t really liftable, each step became a leap. That get’s a bit tiring and so we made a bunch of stops on our way back up to the house.

Part 1
Part 2, thirty seconds later

The pups, of course, were everywhere at once. Having dogs that are mobile is a new experience. Walt and Jasper both had pretty bad hip and knee problems keeping their frantic motion to a minimum. This is not our experience with these new two. They don’t stop moving.


I took the pups back up and had to circle back to the beginning to get their leashes that are necessary to get them to cross the invisible fence. I was just going to go get them and head back inside but I did really want to look at the creek.


Standing on the beginning of the East Branch of the Chagrin River

The past couple weeks have been routinely cold making the ice pretty thick and solid. I was able to cross over and back a number of times with nary a crack or death. One of the neatest parts of this time is that the water is using the ice as a sort of speaker cone, amplifying it’s running noise throughout the valley. The rushing sound is quite loud and a bit more urgent than one normally hears.

Part of the deer superhighway


Indy Wrasslin’

wrasslin20140207-2109Before I start my blathering about the event I went to last night, let me introduce you to my new phrase: Jollyville Fuck-it.

Usage: Lewis, how in the Jollyville fuck-it did you end up with oatmeal on top of the ceiling fan?

This will be explained below. And now to our regularly scheduled bloviating.


There was a time when every small town had a theatre or two. In them the local people would see basic entertainment. Singers, humorous plays and the like, much like you would see in theatres today but with less, well, pomp. Ever since the advent of radio and television, the stage has been killed as a medium of entertainment for the mass of people. Sure plays are still put on, operas sung, but these are high dollar nights out and therefore not the staple of the average week’s fun.


With the death of mass media like the aforementioned radio and television, it seems like local entertainment is becoming more possible. Publicity is easier done through Facebook, Twitter and podcasts, bringing together a mass of like-minded individuals that would in earlier times not have access to each other. And so now we have a thriving wrestling scene. And this is good.

Combining strong doses of vaudeville and Mexican telenovela storylines, slapstick athleticism and outlandish violence, wrestling is a fun night out. Laughing, cheering, jeering and general joyousness is the order of the day. Yes, plentiful $2 beer helps.

A friend posted a couple photos to Instagram from a night she and her husband attended a show. I beseeched them to take me next time and so the next time it came around, we went. It was great.

wrasslin20140207-2103I didn’t really plan to take any pictures but I always have a camera in my pocket. Its wide angle lens gives a more atmospheric shot of the scene. I’m thinking I might do this again but with a different setup. This was fun. And how couldn’t it be when one tag team was named the Jollyville Fuck-its? Really.


The Sacred Squeaky Tiki

squeaky-teaky-20140203-1818Above you see Walter and his Squeaky Tiki. This is an odd thing. Throughout his life, Walt has always picked one toy that he protects jealously. The Tiki is the current one. Right to its name, the Squeaky Tiki squeaks loudly when, for example, it is stepped upon by an unsuspecting person just trying to make it down a hallway strewn with puppies and puppy toys. And whenever that happens, Walt will leap to his feet, run to the Tiki, gently pick it up and take it to a quiet corner where he will sit very still with it in his mouth for quite some time.

No, I don’t understand it.

Before the Tiki there was the Squeaky Monkey. That was a horrifying toy that I bought because I simply couldn’t believe that it had been produced. It was a monkey with an electronic squealing sound that would blare forth if you squeezed it in just the right manner. And it would go on for a seeming eternity with a squeal like a monkey having some horrifying act perpetrated upon its being. Walt would perform in much the same way as he does with the Tiki with one added twist. You see, the monkey would squeal for so long that Walt would dance around it at first like it was animate and yelling and he didn’t know what to do. When it finally stopped he would pick it up and go to the quiet place.

We still have the Squeaky Monkey. He is just in hiding while the puppies are still in their destructive phase. Which, at the rate they are going, may never end.

So, is this a good thing? Does he think this is an animal in distress and we are just putting him through hell? Is this his nurturing side (and having seen him work with the pups, Walter was built for dealing with puppies)? I have no idea. All I know is we won’t get rid of his Squeaky Tiki but I try like hell to not step on it. We live in a world of compromise and misunderstanding.